Manufacture: Pakuvalna Kompanіya Sidor, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Manufacture Pakuvalna Kompanіya Sidor

The cardboard is binding

We are producers of a cardboard binding. Our Pakuvalna the company Sydor in perfection mastered release of a binding cardboard and today is the leader of branch in Ukraine.

We can deliver you a cardboard binding thickness from 0,8mm to 5 mm, in sheets of any size (it is standard 105kh 93 cm), with cutting on your format and without it. Also, by your order we will put a cardboard binding with one or from two parties White.

The cardboard binding is dense, rigid material which is used at a prozvodstvo of books in firm cover, folders, notebooks. Except the poligrafchesky industry it is possible to use it in any cases when it is necessary to stiffen, a basis for a product: in haberdashery, by production various stationery, etc.

the predlagamy cardboard has a toshchina from 0,8 mm to 5 mm, Fibre goes lengthways length of the party.

Disposable a cardboard a timbering for colon

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  • shvidko vstanovlyu¾tsya і vidalya¾tsya;
  • easy і m_tsniya mater_at;
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  • the ts_na is optimum.


manufacture Pakuvalna Kompanіya Sidor Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine